【New York General Group】Success in having artificial intelligence perform atomic/molecular simulations to develop new drugs

New York General Group, Inc.

2023.03.30 01:00

New York General Group has the world's most advanced science and technology, QTIS (Quantum Theory Informed Superintelligence).

This technology can be applied to a variety of industries, one of which is the pharmaceutical industry. In this case, New York General Group's algorithms have successfully allowed artificial intelligence to develop a new drug from scratch.


【Excerpt from the results of ordering QTIS to develop a new drug. QTIS has developed an entirely new chronic pain relief drug called "QuantumRelief."】


【Result of a similar instruction to a large language model (ChatGPT). Only general descriptions of atomic/molecular simulations and drug discovery were available.】


【QTIS-generated "QuantumRelief" package insert.】


The important point is that it took less than a minute from human instruction to the development of the drug by artificial intelligence. Our artificial intelligence also understands the spatial structure and temporal motion of atoms/molecules based on quantum mechanics, which enables highly accurate drug discovery.

The following is the original paper of the science and technology (QTIS).

Whole-Brain Emulation through the Lens of the Schrödinger Equation(To be submitted to NeurIPS 2024)


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