【New York General Group】Success in having artificial intelligence use mathematics (category theory) and financial engineering to predict stock prices

New York General Group, Inc.

2023.03.30 00:57

The New York General Group has the technology "World System." The idea is to have artificial intelligence (natural language processing models, image processing models, etc.) learn astrophysics, neuroscience, etc., integrate them with quantum mechanical processing models, create a universe on a quantum computer, create the human brain as a subset of the universe on top of it, and have superintelligence (artificial general intelligence) solve all kinds of problems in the real universe through the medium of the virtual universe.

This technology can be applied to various industries, one of which is the financial industry. In this case, New York General Group's algorithm has successfully developed a framework for artificial intelligence to use mathematics (category theory) and financial engineering to predict the stock price of a given stock. Stock prices are determined by a complex interplay between the macro environment (political, economic, social, scientific, and technological factors) and the micro environment (company performance, announcements, etc.), and by organizing these factors through mathematics (category theory), the factors related to stock prices can be analyzed in detail.


【Result of ordering stock price prediction by financial engineering】


【The result of a similar instruction to the large-scale language model (ChatGPT). Only a rough description of "what financial engineering is."】

In the future, we will use quantum computers and supercomputers to conduct more accurate and detailed analysis, with the goal of applying this analysis to corporate valuations at investment banks and risk management at financial institutions.


Below is a technical report on this technology.

Technical Report: A Categorical Approach to Artificial Intelligence


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